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About Us

Started by Ian and Lynne Hedley in 2006, the Body Club has built a reputation as being Margaret River's prime address for anything fitness. With the vision to create a gym in Margaret River that matches any club in Perth, whilst keeping a family-like atmosphere, we are now proudly looking at 13 years of operation. ​


You will have 24-hour access, 365 days of the year to a wide variety of static machines, plate loaded machines, free weights, kettlebells, various conditioning equipment and a designated squatting & deadlift area. On top of that. we have a designated boxing area with an actual ring, 7 different types of bags, gloves and mitts for our members to use and basically anything to give you the perfect environment for a great boxing workout. ​


Our daily operation are overseen by several qualified personal trainers, specialising in different aspects of your health and fitness, such as Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Weight Loss or Boxing. All of this allows you to train and have fun in a clean, safe and non-judgemental environment. ​


Whether you are long-time gym enthusiast or an absolute first-timer, we have the facilities and more importantly the right team to help you reach your individual goals. ​Come in and talk to us during our reception hours or contact us via below.