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The sun is showing itself again! There is no better way to celebrate than a energetic workout watching the sun rise! focusing on muscle development and tone as well as fast paced interval training to keep your heart racing! Guaranteed to get your endorphin fix!

Box and Burn 

This class is sure to become your next obsession. It’s based around the art of boxing whilst catering for those who love the intensity and excitement of High intensity interval training.


Our Trainers

Ayden Gibson

Manager - Personal Trainer

Ayden is a focused experienced personal trainer. With a background in athletic performance, strength and conditioning as well as a deep passion for nutrition from his years spent as a chef. “My goal is to help people become the healthiest happiest version of themselves. It’s tough to see through all the rubbish promoted on social media and the fitness industry. I often see people lost in the new fitness trend, workout or diet and never really achieve the goal they wanted in the first place. Life is all about balance. I want to educate people on how to train efficiently and effectively. So they can get out and enjoy their lives to the fullest looking and feeling great! If you want to look, feel and perform the best you ever have then I’m excited to begin working with you!”

"I see the impossible, you see the possible and a strategy to get me there. I feel exhaustion, you say two more reps. Thank you for pushing me to achieve incredible results. Don't let up on me! Even if I beg you! - Jana Hamman


Ariyani Queen

Certified Personal Trainer

Ariyani passion for fitness emerged after reflecting on the value and lessons she learned through working with a Personal Trainer of her own and experiencing a significant improvement in her physique and quality of life through exercise. She then joined various bikini competitions and took a professional personal trainer certification.
With her achievements in various bikini competitions, her approach to training relies heavily on proper techniques, posture, and mind muscle connection to ensure client’s body and spatial awareness while exercising. Ariyani aims to educate clients, help them to obtain positive mindset, confidence, and create lifelong healthy lifestyle.


Jakob Hammling

Personal Trainer - Boxing - Muay Thai Specialist

Known for his exciting energy and enthusiasm, Jakob brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. Specializing in muay thai and boxing training Jakob is the perfect trainer for clients looking to get a solid hard workout.